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An incredible workout that will transform your body and the way you feel about yourself!

Live streamed and on-demand rhythm-based workouts designed to help you feel stronger, toned, more energized and empowered.

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At Home Experience.


Join us virtually for a variety of classes ranging from high impact interval training to low impact sculpt! All fitness levels welcome and minimal equipment is needed!

NOW STREAMING anytime, anywhere

On Demand Experience

Schedule chaotic and life being unpredictable?? Catch the recordings from this week's live-streamed classes and sweat with me, anytime, anywhere!

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In Person Events

Coming soon! I cannot wait to connect with all of you in person again soon!


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Live streamed, rhythm-based workouts designed with the perfect balance of low impact sculpting exercises and high intensity cardio to help you feel stronger, toned, more energized and empowered.

All fitness levels are welcome. Minimal equipment is needed. Good attitude highly encouraged!

M/W/F 12:00pm PT

45 min of full body, fast paced, high intensity cardio bursts designed to strengthen, tone and get your heart rate up!  

Light to medium weights encouraged!


Tu/Thu 7:30am PT
Sat 9am PT

30 min of low impact, slow movements designed to lengthen and tone specific areas!

Light to medium weights and ankle weights if possible!  

Rachel R.

“When I first joined the QuaranToning community, I was recovering from knee surgery and feeling super weak physically. Throughout the last three months, I have not only gained my strength back, but am SO much stronger than I was even before my injury. I used to love cardio and rarely do strength training, and now it’s the opposite. I have built up endurance and stamina that I previously lacked, and have had so much fun doing it. I used to struggle to use three pound weights, but over the past few months I have gained so much upper arm strength that I can use seven pound ones. These workouts are fun, easy to follow and KILLER. With everything being so uncertain in the world, these workouts have consistently been a bright spot in my day.”

Robyn B.

“Catherine’s classes are challenging, inspiring and so much fun!  She motivates and pushes you to do more than you think you could, and you will leave her class feeling stronger and excited to come back again.  Expect to sweat, work hard and leave feeling amazing!” — Robyn B.

Sally R.

“I don’t know what I like best about Catherine’s classes. Her energy, her positive outlook, how tough but fun they are or her amazing motivating playlists! “ — Sally R.

Meg R.

“Catherine is the make lemons into margaritas and party kind of motivator. On the bike she is a powerhouse of energy, a ring leader of the pack of riders on bikes trying to achieve something bigger than themselves - or just trying to survive the next 45 minutes. She is so dedicated to her community she created an online presence early on, offering an outlet for her deeply cared for clientele. If you’re looking for a workout to pass the time, she’s not for you. If you’re looking for a workout that’s WORTH your time, and a coach that invests in her people ... you can stop looking because you’ve found it.”

Hailey B

“Catherine is the best workout coach I’ve ever had, and I’ve never even met her in person. During one of the most uncertain times any of us have ever faced, Catherine created a space for us to turn to, to sweat it out and come together *virtually* every day. She encourages you, she pushes you, she believes in you and she helps you believe in yourself. She makes working out fun and something to look forward to, as incredibly hard as that sounds. I couldn’t recommend working out with Catherine enough. I couldn’t be more proud to be apart of her QuaranToning Crew! “

Dyanna D.

“Catherine got me to stick with a workout class for more than a couple months! I can already see a shift in my body strength. Catherine’s encouraging, positive, honest attitude is inspiring. Just what I needed in a workout instructor. Thank you!”

Cameron D.

“Of all of the 'at home' workout options out there, Catherine's classes (slow burn, HIIT, cardio, and more!) are above and beyond the best I have experienced. It is the perfect trio of a killer workout, amazing tunes, and Catherine's positive attitude. Everyone on the zoom feels like they are getting an 'in person' experience!”

The music is great. The energy is great. The community is great. The workout is even better.
I'm so excited to sweat with you!
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What better way to start the new year than with an IN- PERSON event with this incredible community?!

Join us January 8th for a 45 minute sculpt workout, delicious brunch and a goal setting workshop!

I promise you will leave feeling so good, inspired, motivated and ready to have one of your best years yet!

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